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Pine flooring comes in many different widths and is typically used in longer length applications.  There are basically three main types of pine utilized for flooring, Eastern White, Southern Yellow, and Heart Pine.

Eastern White Pine is the softest of the three.  It is usually is custom cut to very wide widths, sometimes exceeding 12 inches.  For this reason, the proper installation method is to "Top Nail" the flooring to it's subfloor.  The aesthetic properties of white pine is that it can be laid on either the rough sawn side, or the planed side.  The rough sawn side compliments old homes, cabin style homes, as well as modern homes.  The distressed nature of the saw marks, makes the flooring suitable to hide dents and scratches.  

Southern yellow is also wide, but usually doesn't exceed 7 inches wide.  It can be "blind nailed" using conventional staple guns, because it is a tongue and groove application.   It is a very uniform colored flooring, with a grain similar to heart pine, but a coloration that predominantly is yellow with some streaks of reddish brown.  It can be stained, and when it is resembles the grain of heart pine.  It is a more affordable choice, that offers similar appearance to heart pine.

Heart Pine is the richest, and most historical flooring within the pine family.  It is as dense as Red Oak, and can be vertically

sawn to produce a straight grain, as well as flat sawn for log cabins, or modern or historic homes.  It's two toned appearance, is unmatched and remains the choice of designers.  It usually is custom cut for width and length, and can be nailed down using conventional methods.  It almost never is stained, due to it's historic value, as well as costs.



Heart Pine Stairs

Private Residence, Tewksbury, MA

Heart Pine Plank

Private Residence, Beverly Farms 

Heart Pine Parquet

Private Residence, Salisbury, N.H

Eastern White Pine

​Private Residence Hamilton, MA

Heart Pine Plank

Private Residence, Groveland, MA

Old Growth White Pine

​Private Residence, Beverly, MA

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