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Bamboo Flooring:  Bamboo is an eco-friendly flooring choice.  Its sustainability of it is that it regenerates in four years.   There are basically 5 types of bamboo flooring.  Natural horizontal which is basically blond colored and looks like a flattened reed of bamboo.   Horizontal natural, which is blond colored, but the reeds are laminated on edge producing a "straight grain lineal appearance".  And the two counterparts are Natural Carbonized, and Horizontal Carbonized which are basically brown versions of the natural appearance.  

The final bamboo application is "Strand Bamboo" which is woven and compressed bamboo.  It's density is superior to most flooring, and with staining can replicate teak, mahogany, walnut and other exotic floors, with added durability.

Strand bamboo Distressed / Handscraped Java stained.  Private Residence Wrentham, MA

Engineered Bamboo Floating

Commercial Space, Beverly, MA

Natural Bamboo Horizontal

Private residence, Peabody, MA

Natural Bamboo  : Southeastern Design

​Private Residence,  Peabody, MA

Strand Bamboo Java

Private Residence, Peabody, MA