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 Oak Flooring comes in two species, White oak and Red oak.  White oak is called white because the bark of the tree is white.  The natural coloration of white oak is a Tan, and after it gains a patina it can present as honey colored.  The white oak floor has a dense pore, and is harder than it's red oak counterpart.    Red oak is more uniform than white oak, and is slightly lighter in color.  It is very traditional and is readily available.    

Both species can be "Sawn on the quarter" to produce a "lineal grain" or sometimes referred to as "Vertical grain" appearance.

Quarter sawn wood is actually edge grain, and by virtue of "natural movement" has a tendency of raising and lowering, rather than expanding across the face.  This makes quartersawn material  "Dimensionally Stable" and great for radiant heat applications, or for homes near the water.

White Oak designer

​Private Residence, Beverly, MA

Rustic Wide Oak Prefinished

​Private Residence,  Beverly, MA

Quartersawn Oak Stained

​Private Residence, Weston, MA

 Red Oak - Private Residence

​Wellesley, MA

White Oak Prefinished

​Private Residence, Marblehead MA

White Oak Quarter Sawn

Private Residence, Marblehead , MA

White Oak Pre finished

Private Residence, Marble Head, MA

Red Oak Pegged

Private Residence, Truro, MA.

Red Oak Quartersawn

Private Residence, Beverly Farms, MA